Busby Partners Limited

Busby Partners Limited are located in Derbyshire, Busby Partners are a family-run growers of arable crops as well as English Class 1 strawberries and Raspberries  They are marketed via Farm Fresh PO to supermarkets across the UK.

Cobrey Farm

Established in 1925, Cobrey Farms is a Chinn family partnership farming 1000 hectares in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and Suffolk. They grow Asparagus, blueberries, Green beans, Sugar Snap peas , Tenderstem Broccoli and rhubarb all of which are marketed into supermarkets via Farm Fresh PO.

Hall Hunter Partnership (Farming)

A long established family owned business which consists of  3 large farms  growing strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries through Farm Fresh PO for supply to UK supermarkets.

EW Button & Son

Father Andrew and son Joe joined Farm Fresh in August 2013, bringing the PO’s reach across to Cornwall. They farm approximately 900 acres of early potatoes, 750 acres of cereals and 30 acres of blueberries.

Winterwood Farms Ltd

Winterwood Farms Limited Stephen & Jackie Taylor began growing produce in 1978 and now operate 12 farms in 4 countries, as well as packing the fruit from other PO members such as Polana and Hayle Farm on their site in Kent. All fruit grown by Winterwood Farms is marketed through Farm Fresh PO, with the exception of their produce from their South African farms which are marketed elsewhere.

The Summer Berry Company UK

The Summer Berry Company UK are based in Chichester, West Sussex and produce fruit and propagate softfruit plants on 350 hectares of tunnelled and glasshouse infrastructure.  The business has one of the longest fruit production seasons in the UK due to the beneficial climate on the south coast of England.

Summer Berry Company Portugal

Summer Berry Company Portugal is FFPO’s newest member joining in June 2016 and will be focusing efforts on production of raspberries and blueberries.

Hayle Farm

Hayle Farm A family-run Kentish farm growing Victoria Plums,  blackcurrants and gooseberries for distribution into UK multiples via Farm Fresh PO. The farm is also a large grower of top fruit and hops.

JW Allen and Sons

J W ALLEN & SONS – (Portwood Asparagus) is predominately an arable farming operation growing cereals and root crops in Central Norfolk and carrying out arable contracting services. They have been growing asparagus since 1985 which now covers 180 acres, of which around a third is under polythene to encourage early season growth.

Polana Sp. z. o. o

Polana Sp. z. o. o With three farms (one in the South East and two in the North West of Poland), Polana are the largest organic blueberry growers in the world for fresh pick fruit, and also the largest Blueberry growers in Poland of conventional fruit. They produced over 2000 tonnes each year , helping to confirm Farm Fresh PO as one of the largest suppliers in Europe of both organic and conventional blueberries


R & J Emery

The Emery family have been growing in Hampshire since 1966. Having passed through 3 generations Emery Soft Fruits Ltd joined the Greosn’s Group in 2022 and continues to be managed by several members of the Emery family alongside a committed and skilled team that have been a part of their farming family for up to 30 years

T&C Franke

T&C Franke The Franke family arrived in the UK from the Netherlands in 1965, bringing with them agricultural experience gained from growing produce in glasshouses since the early 1900’s. They specialise in growing raspberries at their Nursery in Berkshire.


Sandfields Farms Ltd

Sandfields Farms Ltd was established in 2007 and is based at Manor Farm, Luddington, Warks. Over 1,200 ha of salad and vegetable crops are grown predominantly in a 35 mile radius of the base. Farm Fresh crops are Green beans and Asparagus. Other crops grown include Spring Onions, peas, runner beans, pumpkins and squash. The business employs circa 120 permanent staff plus up to 750 seasonal staff.

V & W Aveling

Joining Farm Fresh in March 2014, father and son partnership Victor and Will Aveling specialise in asparagus in Cambridgeshire