T & C Franke


T&C Franke The Franke family arrived in the UK from the Netherlands in 1965, bringing with them agricultural experience gained from growing produce in glasshouses since the early 1900’s. They specialise in growing raspberries at their Nursery in Buckinghamshire for distribution via Farm Fresh PO.



The Franke family arrived in the UK from the Netherlands in 1965. The family has been in horticulture since the First World War, and has produced a wide range of crops in glasshouses. In 1984, they purchased their current site at Langley in Buckinghamshire, and fought hard to obtain planning permission to erect their glasshouses at Cherry Orchard Nursery, eventually achieving their goal in 1988. Initially, they followed the family tradition of producing lettuces and tomatoes for the London markets.

However, following an ADAS trip to Scotland in 1997, it became clear that it was time for a change. The family began growing ‘long cane’ Glen Moy raspberries in their glasshouses and now grow the Sapphire variety, which require considerably more space than Glen Moy or Glen Ample. The fruit is therefore grown with the rows spaced further apart, similar to an outdoor crop. Outdoor, the family grow autumn fruiting raspberries, allowing their growing season to extend from late May until late October.




Telephone: 01753 549238

T&C Franke Cherry Orchard Nursery Trenches Lane Wexham Slough Buckinghamshire SL3 6DH England