About Us

How We Got Started

The PO was formed in 1996 and its expansion has out performed the sector, demonstrating the success of the group, and also that the group has helped the members benefit by more than the individuals would have been able to achieve by themselves.

Our Mission

The mission of Farm Fresh PO is to effectively promote and market the fruit of the PO members and increase their efficiency of production, and to give our customers continuity of production for as long a season as possible.

Our Values

Farm Fresh Producers Organisation is proud of its stringent quality standards and has the following accreditations:

  • We ensure our members are fully compliant with legislation and recognised industry standards. All our farmers in the UK are accredited to Red Tractor Farm Assurance Standards (formerly Assured Produce).
  • Outside the UK, our growers are accredited to GLOBAL GAP Standard
  • All packhouses meet the requirements of the BRC Standard for Food Safety, consistently achieving Grade A.

Additionally, each of our members is independently audited to a set of protocols suited to their particular retail requirements by:


  • LEAF (Linking Environment & Farming Standard)
  • Soil Association Accreditation for Organic Produce
  • Nurture
  • Field to Fork