Strawberries During 2010, in our March to December growing season, the members of Farm Fresh PO produced 6700 tonnes of strawberries both outdoors and in glasshouses. Suited by their locations in Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Derbyshire to early season production, Farm Fresh PO’s strawberries are normally the first to appear on UK supermarket shelves.

We continually seek to expand production and investigate new varieties via our development programme. Our current crops include strawberry varieties Elsanta, Sonata, Sweet Eve, Eve’s Delight and Finesse. Along with the development of varieties comes the constant evolution of farming methods. We have a responsibility to the environment and continually seek to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage our members to farm sustainably.

Production methods vary considerably across our producers, from traditional soil planting to the latest table-top systems. The advantage of the PO is the ability to exchange methods and ideas for mutual benefit.