Busby Partners Limited


Busby Partners Limited Located in the Midlands, Busby Partners are a family-run grower of arable crops and English Class 1 strawberries. Via Farm Fresh PO, they are the biggest single supplier of strawberries for Tesco Supermarket stores in their area.



John, Robert, Phillip and Nicky Busby are partners in a family business which has experienced significant growth over the last fifteen years. Their idyllic Midlands location is ideal for them to service the depots of their main supermarket outlet, Tesco Stores, via Farm Fresh PO.

Strawberries Investment in a larger area permits a growing season of May to October for their number one crop – Class 1 English strawberries. In addition to this primary fruit crop, they grow arable crops and have also previously extensively grown potatoes. Busby Partners are the largest single supplier of Class 1 English strawberries to Tesco Stores in the Midlands and surrounding areas, with their close proximity to the supermarket depots contributing to a reduction in ‘food miles’.



Website: www.busbyltd.co.uk

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01827 373 282

Busby Partners Limited Chilcote Swadlincote Derbyshire DE12 8DL England